Three Skincare Products I Use Daily

Today I’m taking a short break from my regular fashion-based posts to discuss the topic of skincare. Beauty is also one of my interests, so I can guarantee you that this won’t be the last time you’ll see a post about it! Within the past six months I’ve been working towards incorporating more natural and toxin-free skincare products into my daily routine, at least where it made sense. I’ve almost completely switched out our household cleaning supplies to non-toxic products, thanks to wonderful brands like Seventh Generation and Norwex. Since skincare products are literally absorbed into my bloodstream, I figured that would be a pretty good place to focus on next! I am a huge fan of Beautycounter and how it only sells safe, nontoxic beauty products. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more about them from me in the future!


For now, as you can see by the first product in this post, I haven’t yet switched to 100% natural skincare products. That being said, I am still planning on switching out products for natural ones as I finish them OR only using a select few brands that are not all-natural but are highly regarded – such as Neutrogena. Enjoy!


  1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with Sunscreen

I started using this lotion last summer after noticing that my face could use a daily moisturizer. Now that it’s winter, I apply this twice daily, and would apply it more if I were home to do it! My skin dries out so severely and so easily during the colder months and I feel like it’s something I can never get ahead of. Thankfully, this product by Neutrogena helps me to fee a little less behind. Something I was also looking for in a facial moisturizer was SPF so it could count as both a sunscreen and a lotion. This only has an SPF of 15, so not as high as I’d like, but it’s definitely better than no protection at all.


2. Claire-ity Vitamin C Serum

Within the past year I’ve jumped on the anti-aging bandwagon (and will be on it for pretty much forever) and decided that it was past time to incorporate a daily anti-aging product into my routine. I can’t currently use any retinol-based products so that helped to narrow down my choices, and then I visited a spa where my facialist sung the praises of Vitamin C and its anti-aging benefits. I found this serum on Amazon, where I find pretty much everything anymore, and it had extremely high ratings. I apply it to my forehead, eye area, and neck daily and have been pleasantly surprised at how long the bottle is going to last – I’ve had it for over six months and it’s still at least 3/4 full. However, as far as results go… I haven’t noticed a decrease in fine lines but I also haven’t noticed an increase since I’ve been using this serum, so there’s that. I plan on continuing to use it as a preventative measure, if nothing else.


Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner

Say hello to the newest member of my daily skincare routine – a rose water facial toner. Honestly, I purchased this product mainly because I liked the smell, which is a great reason, right?? Plus, rose water is pretty popular in skincare right now, which leads me to believe it must be at least somewhat beneficial. This toner is supposed to be hydrating to your skin, and I do feel refreshed and cleansed after I spray it directly on. It may or may not lead me to look into other rose water based skincare products to see if I like those as well.


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