Hearts and Flowers

Hello and happy almost Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day has always been one of my most favorite holidays of the year, even though I realize it technically isn’t a real holiday (details..). I love all the hearts, shades of pink and red, flowers, and fun love-themed decorations that come with it each year, most likely because I pretty much love all things feminine. Knowing this, my mom always gave me some sort of fun gift on Valentine’s Day each year, such as a heart-shaped pillow or a heart wreath, and I absolutely loved it.


Through the past few years, however, I’ve come to love Valentine’s Day for an additional reason, and that’s because of the fun- and sometimes funny- memories my husband and I have shared celebrating the day. As this will be our sixth Valentine’s Day together, I thought it would be neat to share a snapshot of what each of our Valentine’s Days together have looked like:

  1. [2013] He picked me up in his old sports car with a giant pink bear sitting in the passenger seat. He also gave me a gallon of sweet tea and a gallon of unsweet tea, because he knows I like it half-and-half. We went out for dinner and margaritas at Chili’s and then went back to his dorm and did homework the rest of the night because it was a school night. #collegelife.

2. [2014] We were engaged and he came to visit me in Indianapolis for the weekend to celebrate. We thought it would be a good idea not to make reservations for dinner because who goes out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, anyways? Fast forward to later in the evening, after we tried three restaurants all with ~2 hour wait times and a heated argument fueled by hunger, and we finally ended up at Cooper’s Hawk. Better late than never.

3. [2015] We were in Chicago and it was our first married Valentine’s Day, and he bought me roses. We went to Saturday night church and then went shopping at Old Navy of all places (so romantic) because our dinner reservations at Cooper’s Hawk weren’t till 9:30, whoops. We ended up closing down the restaurant.

4. [2016] We drove from Columbus to spend the snowy weekend in Indianapolis, meeting our brand-new nephew. We stopped by the hospital for more baby time before going to Cooper’s Hawk (sensing a tradition here?) for wine tasting and dinner. We had reservations once again this time and it was definitely a good thing, the place was packed like sardines.

5. [2017] We waited to celebrate until the weekend after Valentine’s Day, and went to Cooper’s Hawk (…again!) for wine tasting and dinner. The weather was so mild that we walked around the outside mall by the restaurant without coats afterwards for awhile.

6. [2018] Well, technically this hasn’t happened quite yet since Valentine’s Day is still five days away, but our plans are to go to La Scala just down the road for dinner (no Cooper’s Hawk this year!). Keeping it very close to home because it’s a work night and we’ve found sleep > late nights (sorry, younger us!).


Ending this post with some of the many fun Valentine’s or Galentine’s- themed photos that have inspired me this week. Enjoy!




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