Living Simply I

Well, now that we’re officially into the second month of 2018 (so long,  January!!) I wanted to give an update as to how my unofficial goal to live simply was going, and I hope to continue to give updates like this as the year progresses. You may remember me first mentioning the term “live simply” in my blog post from November. I’ve found that, unlike a myriad of well-intentioned ideas that pass through my mind on any given day, this thought has actually stuck and I really do feel like it is currently one of my main approaches to life. Something that I think will help me to continue with trying to live more simply is to post “updates,” such as this one, as a sort of check-in to how I’m doing. So, here’s the first one!

This month’s update: I am happy with how I’ve adapted the mantra of living simply so far. I really haven’t bought much recently and instead have focused on re-using or re-inventing what I already own. The other day I was getting ready to go to work and feeling like I didn’t have any shoes to wear (which, if you know me, is a huge joke!) and then I pulled out a pair of boots I hadn’t worn since last year. I had actually even forgotten about them, even though they were just a year old. Problem solved. I certainly didn’t need more shoes, I just needed to see and appreciate all that I already have.

Probably the most tangible way that I’ve simplified things is that I didn’t actually buy myself any new winter clothes this year (for various reasons…). This may sound like a rather drastic and unnecessary measure, but I can assure you it began unintentionally and just kind of gradually evolved into a realization that I just don’t really have any gaps in my winter wardrobe that need to be filled. And you know what? I haven’t once felt like I’ve “run out” of clothing or have been wearing the same thing over and over again. Quite the opposite, actually- I’ve felt like I have a more than ample collection to choose from, and it’s all still on-trend, which is obviously important to me.


So that’s where I am now. Not intentionally cutting out new clothes, but enjoying what it is for the time being. I realize that living simply looks different from person to person and will even look very different in my own life from season to season. This is just what it looks like now, and I’m happy with it.


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