Barcelona Travel Journal

Last May my husband and I traveled to Europe to see the beautiful city of Barcelona. It was an amazing trip, obviously, which is why I’m just now getting around to blogging about it eight months later. Whoops. Anyways, here it is, better late than never! We stayed in the same city (Barcelona) and even the same hotel the entire week we were there, which was quite a change from our previous Europe trip, where we stayed in multiple countries. By the end of our time in Barcelona, we both really felt like we knew the city, which was something I appreciated. Here are a few photos of a memorable trip:

We hurried from the airport to the Picasso museum, where admission is free on Sunday afternoons.


Our first full day in the city was spent exploring the famous (and rightfully so) Park Guell.


The mosaics Gaudi designed were even more beautiful up close.


See what I mean?


A very popular place! You had to have time tickets to enter the most famous part of the park.


Enormous columns.


The view after we walked to the very top of Park Guell (which is built on a hill.


We took a day trip to Montserrat, a famous monastery on the side of a mountain (about an hour and a half drive from Barcelona).


We had the opportunity to hike to the top of Montserrat and the views were absolutely breathtaking.



The results of our only real meal of the day (thanks to a broken down tour bus) at a nearby winery.


Enjoying the beautiful Oller Del Mas vineyard.


The view from our hotel room.


Visiting the most famous site in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia (on track to be finished in 2026, after well over one hundred years of construction).


Photos can’t accurately show just how huge the inside is.



Looking up.


Casa Mila, one of the famous houses designed by Guadi. We chose not to do the tour it but we did walk by it.


We had the opportunity to attend an event inside Camp Nou, the home of FC Barcelona. Soccer is a huge sport over there to say the least.



Visiting the grocery store down the street. It’s hard to read the label, but they had .79 cent boxes of wine!


A gilded fountain in one of the many parks throughout the city.


Sunny skies, palm trees and traffic- classic Barcelona.



View of the Barcelona harbor from a rooftop bar. You can see the famous “W” hotel over to the left.


We toured a small chocolate museum and the tickets came in the form of candy bars. How cool!


When in Barcelona, you have to drink sangria…


…and eat churros, of course.


A colorful salad.


Walking through the Olympic area, where the 1992 Olympics were held.


Apparently there are more scooters like these than there are inhabitants of Barcelona. I believe it- they were everywhere!


While waiting for our plane to leave, we found we had three extra euros, so of course we spent them on something meaningful – one last cheap Spanish beer.


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