How I Stay Warm in Winter

Let me tell you, it’s not easy to stay warm throughout a Midwestern winter! I’ve lived in a climate that has winters my whole life, and I still don’t have it mastered. However, I have implemented one major change into my cold weather dressing that really has made an impact: wearing a sweater daily (or almost). While this may sound to you like I’m just wearing the same thing each day, day after day, I’m really not. There are so many sweaters out there from which to choose, not to mention that I happen to own quite a few (and wear all of them!). The long-sleeved shirts I own sit unused, for the most part, unless I’m wearing them as a layer, in my drawer for the coldest of the winter months. Why would I bother wearing something that’s not going to keep me warm even when I’m inside? Instead, I reach for a sweater, jeans or leggings, flat boots, a coat, and of course a head wrap and gloves to complete my winter look. Here are a few of my favorite sweaters:





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