Thoughts on the New Year

Happy Friday! It’s good to be back to blogging in this new year. As much as I love and miss vacation,  I also like being in a routine (or at least I’m trying to convince myself that I do). Today’s post is brief because I wanted to share a few thoughts I’ve had on the coming of a new year, and to be honest, I don’t have a whole lot of thoughts that I think are interesting enough to write down. In fact, today I just have one: this year, I’m trying to embrace January for what it really is.

You see, January is my least favorite month of the year (February is a close second). Even with having grown up in a climate that has a winter each year, I’ve never liked it and I’ve found that winter weather negatively affects my mood as an adult more than did it as a child. This time of year usually finds me in a grumpy post-holiday, pre-spring state. I complain frequently about the weather and talk about how it’s still going to be months until it’s warm again (which is accurate). But that’s not how I want to spend this month, not this year. Time is fleeting, and I don’t want to be that type of winter person any longer. One of my new year’s resolutions was to smile more, and be more lighthearted, and what better time to begin that than in January! So I’m not going to wish this month away. I’m not going to complain about how bone-chilling cold it is outside. I’m not going to have a dark mood until spring. Instead, here’s what I’m going to do (& have already started to do!):

  • Drink lots of hot drinks

  • Wear all the thick sweaters (not surprisingly, I own several!)

  • Appreciate the bright sunshine and the way it reflects off the snow, making it look like it’s sparkling


  • Finish decorating my office walls while the sun’s shining on them, making them look like they’re glowing

  • Don’t substitute shoveling the driveway for a workout, but be thankful it counts as an extra one


  • Wear my bean boots in the snow (and be glad they’re so warm!)

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