Bean Boots

I was going to title this post “Bean Boots are Back,” because who doesn’t love a little alliteration for their Friday, but then I realized that would not be wholly accurate, since they were never “gone.” Bean boots are the perfect example of what I love about fashion and the cycle of trends: these types of boots are a classic staple, having been around for practically forever and always a decent basic option, and suddenly this season they become a trend. No longer are they just a staple your mom pulls out of the closet each winter, they’re now flying off store shelves and a sought-after item by fashionistas everywhere. And this is a trend I can embrace, because while it will eventually die down and bean boots will stop being worn by fashion bloggers and featured in the front of stores, they will still be a classic that you’ll be proud to wear. I recently bought a pair from Target and I have to say, coming from a first-time-ever bean boots owner, I love them. As someone who gets cold feet very easily (literally, not figuratively), they keep my feet very warm. They’re lined with some sort of cozy fleece-like material. And, I went with a basic black color that goes with everything. I’m considering getting my husband a pair since he also gets cold feet very easily (again, literally, not figuratively) and this is a trend for both men and women.


The Classic




The Heavy-Duty Chic


The Faux Fur Trimmed


The Skate Shoe Look


The Adorable Factor 


And then.. there’s mine!


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