Ten Transitional Holiday Items

Today marks the first day of the most festive month of the year, hooray! However, I also found myself thinking that it’s also one of the fastest months of the year, in my opinion. In a month and a couple days, the holidays will be completely over: trees will be stowed away or discarded, travels will be finished, parties will be ended, and everyone will be counting down the days till spring. Sorry if that all sounds a little morbid on this first day of December–I have a reason! As I see lots of bloggers sharing photos with sequins, festively-colored velour, and bright plaids, I can’t help but wonder if purchasing multiple items such as these that are only to be worn during the holidays is really a good investment for the average shopper. I know my answer for myself is: no. While I do own some velour (FYI, black and more neutral colored velour is fine to wear through all of winter) and a couple of festive holiday sweaters, I find that the more holiday-specific items I purchase, the less wear I get each year out of the ones I have. Plus, it makes it even more mildly depressing to face my closet come January. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need in January is another reason to feel down because of the weather!


With all that said, today I’d like to share ten items I’ve found that are great for the month of December – and January, and February. That’s right, these pieces are perfect to wear at Christmas but aren’t Christmas-specific. I like to think of them as transitional pieces that will carry you from the holidays through the rest of winter. Click the photos to shop!

Tiered-Sleeve Sweater Dress



Faux Fur Vest



Velvet Cami



Pleated Skirt




Knit Cardigan



Oversized Sweater




Oversized Sweater #2 (because there’s no such thing as too many…)




Longer-Length Cardigan



Faux Leather Leggings



Oversized Scarf (that’s not red or green)









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