The Coziest Trend of the Season

Welcome to the beginning of my new six-month-long series: How To Stay Warm And Look Good While Doing It. 

Just kidding! Although it may not be a good sign of how I’m going to hold up this winter if I’m already writing about this topic and it’s only the very beginning of November. For those of you who know me, you know that I a) get cold very easily and b) don’t like being cold. Yet having grown up in the Midwest the cold is part of life about half of the year, and I’ve found that how warmly I dress can make all the difference, especially on the coldest of days.


Now, moving on to one of the hottest trends in sweaters this year: chenille. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this trend. On the negative side, it’s definitely very reminiscent of the early 2000’s, which is not all that long ago. I have a very clear memory of a maroon colored chenille sweater I would wear with a choker, bell bottom jeans, and glitter Sketchers. Yikes. Chenille has a way of looking a little dated meaning that it’s a come-and-go trend, so it’s not always going to be in style. What I’m trying to say here is that if you currently own a chenille sweater, you might find yourself years down the road pulling it out of your dresser and donating it, because you wouldn’t want to be seen in it in public again. However, there is also a positive side to chenille and it’s basically this: IT IS SO INCREDIBLY SOFT. There really isn’t another synthetic fabric out there that feels quite as luxurious and will keep you as warm as chenille. And, in my opinion, being incredibly cozy and comfortable in what you’re wearing is worth whatever future style risks may or may not arise.


So, if you’re looking to try out the chenille trend, I would recommend getting a sweater in a more sophisticated color (i.e. not maroon) or getting an accessory instead, such as an oversized scarf or a pair of gloves. Whatever you choose in chenille, it’s sure to keep you warm!



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