Fall Accessories

In my opinion, one of the top perks of cooler weather that requires wearing layers is that it automatically expands your outfit possibilities. I’ve found that in the fall I could be wearing a very basic or casual outfit, but with the right jacket and accessories, it can look totally different- speaking from personal experience, it can even make a gym outfit look presentable for going out to dinner! Here are my favorite fall accessories to take your outfit to the next level:


  1. A leather jacket

Yes, I realize jackets aren’t technically accessories, but you can use one to accessorize even your most basic outfit. This year specifically, leather jackets are the most trendy option and are wonderfully versatile, with their ability to go with both casual and more formal outfits. Faux leather is a great and more affordable alternative to real leather and it looks just the same!



2. One cuff bracelet

Notice I said one – that’s right, no need to overdue this trend. One cuff bracelet can be the only jewelry you’re wearing and can still be enough, because it’s such a statement piece. If you want it to be more visible, try wearing it over your sweater or jacket.



3. A large tote

Bigger is better when it comes to purses this year, and I’m all for it. Choose a deep and spacious canvas or leather tote in a neutral color that will go with all your outfits.



4. Loafers

These have been in and out (and in and out) but, for now at least, they’re back! Loafers are actually pretty practical and can provide decent support for your feet. I would look to find a pair that’s more feminine (i.e. a fun print) so they don’t come across looking like men’s dress shoes.


IMG_8375Screen shot 2017-10-05 at 8.59.48 PM


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