Why I’m Not a Fan of Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes are extremely in right now. You’ll find all sorts of bloggers and non-bloggers writing and talking about them and how they changed their lives and how their closets are so much more streamlined because of them. Well, I’m just not feeling the love for capsule wardrobes. You might be rolling your eyes as you read this and thinking that’s just because she doesn’t want to part with her expansive amount of clothing. Wrong. I actually am parting with quite a chunk of my wardrobe, if you read my previous post [side note: there’s still time until 11/12 to check out my sale! find it here or @shopcreativityandcouturecloset]. No, I have thought through and researched the topic of capsule wardrobes and only after all this have come to the conclusion that they might not be that great after all. Here are my reasons:

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  1. It’s taking a good thing and making it the only thing.

This is by far the biggest problem I have with the capsule concept. Weeding out and pairing down your closet is a good thing, but capsule wardrobes make it the ultimate thing. As an American woman, the chances are that in order to get to a capsule wardrobe you’re going to have to severely weed out and get rid of as much as 90% of your wardrobe. With that high of a percentage you’re not just going to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore and should be getting rid of, you’re also going to get rid of clothes you do still wear. Which leads to the second point…

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    2. It can cause you to spend more money in the long run.

Think of having a capsule wardrobe long-term. I’m not talking months down the road, I’m talking years down the road. On a normal day the capsule collection is sufficient, I’m not denying that. But t-shirts, a few blouses, skirts, and jeans aren’t enough for all of life’s events. Ugly Christmas sweater parties, New Year’s galas, family weddings, beach vacations–the list goes on. A capsule wardrobe doesn’t cover those types of events. You’ll find yourself buying back the same types of clothing for those occasions after you’ve already weeded them out–not exactly cost effective if you ask me.

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3. It can all but erase your personal style.

This may or may not make a difference to you, but if you do enjoy have a style that’s unique to just you, then I’d suggest you reconsider paring down to a capsule wardrobe. Paring down to only a select few versatile and basic pieces means that you’ve tossed away the one-of-a-kind items of clothing that nobody else you know owns and that make you feel special when you wear them. Capsule wardrobes might have a sense of practicality, but no sense of uniqueness.

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4. It leaves no room for sentimental items.

There are items that are in my closet that I don’t wear very often but aren’t up for debate as to whether or not I’ll keep them: the dress I wore to our wedding rehearsal. A robe my husband got me. A dress he got me while we were dating. T-shirts from college conferences. A suede coat my mom got me. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic when it comes to my closet, but I want to save room for pieces like these that hold memories and make me thankful for the people they remind me of. And that’s more important to me than empty closet space.

Closet Cleanout

Twice a year, like a lot of people, I change out my closet. Typically in April and October I find myself emptying my closet and drawers and hunting under the bed to pull out storage bins full of other clothes, in order to make a big swap.

This particular season I found it to be an even larger task than I anticipated, even considering the time I had set aside to complete the task and the glass of wine I was holding.

I pulled out summer dress after summer dress from my closet and decided to start counting, just to see how many I had, and that’s when I came to the rather startling realization that I own fifty-four warm weather dresses. That’s right, fifty-four. Now, I could give you all sorts of reasons for this and I will—some of them I’ve had for years, I wear dresses most days of the week in the warmer months, the majority of them aren’t going out of style anytime soon—but the reality of it is, I don’t need to own that many. I really don’t go shopping that often but I weed out even less, and it’s finally caught up to me.


So, with that being said, I pulled out over thirty pieces of clothing and made a pretty substantial donation pile. Except, I’m not going to donate them—not quite yet anyways. I decided to have a little fun with it and am actually going to put them up for sale, for a limited time. So, there you have it. I am selling my old (although most of them aren’t really old) clothes, so we’ll see how this goes! You can see the details of how to browse what I’m selling below, but I wanted to include one important detail first, and that half of all of the proceeds from the sale of my clothing will go to Adriel Foster Care. Adriel is a wonderful agency that I first learned about from my church. They help to care for children in need by setting up foster care and adoption as well as family preservation. You can learn more about them here.

My clothing sale will last for two weeks, until November 5th. Any items left after this time will be donated. And after all, donating them is really not really a bad alternative, in my opinion!


If you’re interested in browsing through what I have for sale, here’s what you need to do:


  1. Follow @shopcreativityandcouturecloset on Instagram, or view it from this link.


  1. Comment SOLD on anything you’d like to purchase or comment on any items you’d like more information on (because, let’s face it, the photography is pretty subpar).


  1. Add $6 shipping to each order and allow two weeks for it to arrive.


**Side note: you will notice that not all of my items are for sale online quite yet. Check back in a couple days and they will be!!

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Maybe you’re not looking to purchase any more clothing right now, but I do hope that by reading this post you feel motivated to streamline your closet and perhaps let go of a few things you don’t wear any more. And if your experience is like mine, by doing this you’ll find yourself being able to better enjoy and appreciate what you do have.


An Outfit a Day

I am not a morning person. I’ve always had a hard time waking up in the morning and don’t really like talking to anyone for the first 1-2 hours that I’m awake, especially if it’s early. So naturally I am all for cultivating habits that make my mornings go more smoothly. There was a time in my career that I had to be at my job by 7 in the morning (!!) and I went a little overboard in prepping for mornings the night before: not only would I lay out my outfit (what I’m going to be talking about today), but I would fix my breakfast, put my bag out, and even prep my coffee so that all I had to do was push a button or add hot water. All that prep meant taking a little extra time in the evenings and while it might have been a little excessive, it did result in me getting out the door in under a half hour each morning. So there’s that.

My number one secret to easier mornings and looking put together without much effort is to lay out your outfit the night before. I started doing this in high school and have been doing it every single weekday ever since then. Not only does it make my morning easier (and means I get to sleep a little longer!), it helps me to enjoy the process. I wouldn’t really enjoy choosing my outfit or appreciate the clothing that I own if I’m rushing around early in the morning in a slightly confused state, trying to sort through my closet or dresser and find something that matches. Instead, at night, I can take my time and check the weather forecast for the next day, browse through my clothing, and lay out what I want to wear. I’m sure a lot of people already do this because it really makes so much sense – but if you don’t already do it, you should try it! You just might find you really enjoy selecting an outfit and putting more thought into your personal style.





Fall Accessories

In my opinion, one of the top perks of cooler weather that requires wearing layers is that it automatically expands your outfit possibilities. I’ve found that in the fall I could be wearing a very basic or casual outfit, but with the right jacket and accessories, it can look totally different- speaking from personal experience, it can even make a gym outfit look presentable for going out to dinner! Here are my favorite fall accessories to take your outfit to the next level:


  1. A leather jacket

Yes, I realize jackets aren’t technically accessories, but you can use one to accessorize even your most basic outfit. This year specifically, leather jackets are the most trendy option and are wonderfully versatile, with their ability to go with both casual and more formal outfits. Faux leather is a great and more affordable alternative to real leather and it looks just the same!



2. One cuff bracelet

Notice I said one – that’s right, no need to overdue this trend. One cuff bracelet can be the only jewelry you’re wearing and can still be enough, because it’s such a statement piece. If you want it to be more visible, try wearing it over your sweater or jacket.



3. A large tote

Bigger is better when it comes to purses this year, and I’m all for it. Choose a deep and spacious canvas or leather tote in a neutral color that will go with all your outfits.



4. Loafers

These have been in and out (and in and out) but, for now at least, they’re back! Loafers are actually pretty practical and can provide decent support for your feet. I would look to find a pair that’s more feminine (i.e. a fun print) so they don’t come across looking like men’s dress shoes.


IMG_8375Screen shot 2017-10-05 at 8.59.48 PM