Fall Fashion: 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I had an embarrassing moment. A coworker asked me what were the hottest trends for fall this year, and for a minute, I had nothing. I literally could not think of even one fall trend. Now, thankfully, that moment passed and I was able to think of a few trends to share with her, which I’m also going to share with you today, among others. However, I was surprised that I had put so little forethought into the biggest fashion season of the year. That’s right, fall is THE biggest season for new trends–and that’s coming from a die hard summer lover. I’m guessing you’ve noticed how large of a presence fashion has when fall rolls around: the Vogue September issue is easily three times thicker than all other Vogue issues, New York Fashion Week (although it mostly showcases spring lines) is held in September, stores are packed with back to school outfit ideas, and fashion bloggers have been posting pictures of themselves giggling and holding a pumpkin spice latte while wearing a chunky sweater since July. Side note – something you will never see from this fashion blogger. Anyways, let’s get down to it! Here are what I’ve found to be the biggest trends for fall 2017.


  1. Distressed Denim.

You might be rolling your eyes and thinking that no, distressed denim isn’t a new trend for this season or even this year – it’s been around for the past few, even several years. And in a way, you’re right. Distressed denim isn’t a new trend but it is a BIG trend for fall. There’s never been a more popular time to wear ripped jeans, they are absolutely everywhere right now and won’t go away anytime soon. They’re so popular in fact, some office dress codes have been relaxed to let employees start wearing them in addition to regular jeans- they’re just that popular.

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.14.18 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.10.12 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.10.43 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.11.09 PM


2. Bell Sleeves

Once again, not really a new trend (technically over fifty years old!), but it’s a big one for this season. Women’s tops and blouses of all shapes and sizes are sporting this design element, which gives a more feminine, relaxed look to even the most basic of silhouettes.

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.02.58 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.35.13 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.34.32 PM



3. Tie-Front Tops

This trend came as a little bit of a surprise to me, and by that I mean I’m surprised that I actually ended up liking this trend. Tie-front tops can be super flattering and tasteful, but here’s the catch: find one that doesn’t show any midriff, whether that means going up a size or only wearing it with high-waisted pants.

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.00.35 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.07.50 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.23.04 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.29.18 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.28.13 PM

4. Ruffle Details

The key word here is details. I’m not referring to all-over ruffled tops, although those are an old favorite. Sweaters with ruffle detailing at the armholes, neckline, or across the chest are perfect examples. A ruffled accent adds a little bit of extra interest and feminine flair to a top or sweater.

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.13.18 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.23.54 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.40.06 PM

5. Cold Shoulders

After off-the-shoulder tops and dresses took center stage all spring and summer long, this trend is the perfect alternative for the colder months (although let’s face it: these are never going to be the warmest things that you wear).

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.03.44 PM

Screen shot 2017-09-28 at 8.12.33 PM


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