Summer Send Off

Well, it’s been minute (almost three months!) since I’ve had the chance to blog, so let me give a few reasons as to why I pretty much didn’t post at all this summer:


  1. I finished graduate school.
  2. We moved.
  3. I got a new job.


Each one of those reasons is not just good, it’s great. Some pretty wonderful things have been happening around here and I feel nothing short of extremely blessed. That being said, working+interviewing+studying+packing pretty much have taken up all of my time recently, making it impossible to find any free time to blog. Now that I am officially finished with school, however, I am hopeful that I will once again have more time to blog and get back into posting weekly, hooray!


Now that we’ve caught up, let’s move on to the actual post, shall we? Since I absolutely love summer and it technically doesn’t end until September 22nd, I wanted to fit in one more summer post while it’s still relevant. Even though black is overall my favorite color to wear, in the summer I find that I wear a lot of white– white dresses, white shorts, white tops, and white sandals. It’s a classic warm weather color that carries over year after year. When I purchase more basic items such as white shorts or white sandals, I consider them staple items that I can wear the next year because they’re not going to go out of style. When late summer rolls around, I like to pair white items (such as the shorts pictured) with darker, more muted colors such as olive green, so that my outfit reflects the slow transition of the seasons.



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