My Workspace


I thought I’d share a few photos I took recently of what I call my “workspace.” Now, this isn’t my entire workspace – the photo above is of a portion of my sewing area, which I may share at a later time. These photos are of where I currently spend the majority of my time while I’m home – either doing school (let’s be honest, about 90% of the time that’s what I’m working on here!), blogging, or editing my online portfolio. I wanted my little corner to be bright and cheerful and to provide me with inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. This mini gallery wall does just that! It is a perfect blend of fashion collages, artwork, and personal photos and memories. I’m thankful for this small space and, while it suits me perfectly now, I am also eager to design my next workspace.


Summer Favorites

Well, here I am again with my once-every-two-months (or more) post. And honestly, that trend is most likely going to continue on this summer as I try to minimize my time in front of the computer outside of work and school and maximize my time enjoying the warm sunshine and breezy days that comprise my absolute favorite season. Today, however, I wanted to share some of my very favorite things I am either wearing or would like to wear this summer (some of which are carryovers from my previous spring post). Enjoy a dose of sunshine-friendly trends that I’m currently loving!



Off the shoulder tops & dresses



Pom Poms


All kinds of floral prints



Bold nail polish



Bright colors



Platform sandals