Coming Up To Breathe

I’m back! It’s been just short of two months since I published a new post on this blog, and I’ve missed posting on here. It’s not that I forgot to post – every Friday I would think about it but realize I just couldn’t. This past quarter I had double the amount of coursework that I typically have in school, and that combined with work meant I had very limited free time. Additionally, I didn’t really feel like spending even more time in front of the computer when I did have free time. So, I stepped away from blogging for a bit, but now I hope to continue to post regularly (semi-regularly?) since I still have both school and work but it should be a bit more manageable.

Over the past two months, I’ve had ideas pass through my mind about future posts and things I’d like to blog about. However, I didn’t bother to take the time to write them down or even put them in my phone. Today when I sat down to blog I came up with… nothing. That’s right. Two months off of blogging and I literally have nothing to write about. It’s pretty sad. It’s not that I don’t still have ideas (they have to be somewhere, right?) but I’m just not feeling inspired today. Maybe because I’m a little burnt out, maybe it’s the weather (freezing. cold. rain. snow. gray. yuck). What this means is you just spend 30 seconds of your life reading two paragraphs about… nothing! That’s right. Does this count as a blog post yet? 😉


What I am going to write about, albeit briefly, is what I wear for St. Patrick’s Day. As you’ll see, when it comes to work, there’s not much variety — I literally wore the exact same thing today as I did two years ago (…and, if I’m being honest, the year before that but I don’t have a photo). In my defense, I don’t wear a lot of green normally so I don’t feel like it’s worth it to invest in more green clothing. Who cares if your outfit has seen multiple other St. Patrick’s Days? As long as it’s green, it’s festive, and that’s what counts.


Before sharing my past three St. Patrick’s Day outfits, I’d like to share a few photos taken of St. Patrick’s Day cathedral in Dublin, Ireland during our trip last summer, since it is his day, after all.









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