Travel Journal: The Breakers

In case you didn’t catch it the other million times I said it or implied it, I love warm weather. Specifically, I love Florida. Sometimes, I even like to pretend that I’m from there (I’m not but my husband is, so that has to count for something!). While I don’t have the privilege of living there or anywhere near there, I do get to visit fairly often because we still have family that live down there. The several times I’ve been to Palm Beach, we’ve driven by the Breakers and I’ve always admired the architecture but never actually visited. Well, a few weeks ago we were finally able to go and I was not disappointed! Photos really don’t do the nearly 100-year-old opulent resort by the sea justice. The architecture is quite incredible, and we had the bonus of being there at Christmastime and seeing those decorations as well. Even though we were only there for a short time, I left feeling inspired – how fun would it be to design a collection (yes, I know Lilly Pulitzer has already done it) inspired by the Breakers! Also, it’s January in the midwest and these photos are making me want to go back right now. Florida, you’re great.



img_6267_edited-1    img_6264 img_6263








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