The Top Trends of 2016

Even though we’re less than a week into 2017, it already felt odd to me to write “2016” in the title of this post. I guess I was ready for a new year! Anyways, before we got too far into 2017 I wanted to share a brief look back at a few of what I consider to be the biggest trends in 2016. Let me first clarify what I mean by the biggest trends – because I do not mean that I am just going to share the most popular styles from the past year. I want to share what became known as fashionable specifically during the course of the year – styles that we’ll look back at in years to come and point to 2016 as their origin. These trends may continue on past 2016 (I hope some of them do!) but none of them came before 2016. For example, I left out ankle boots, even though they’re still super popular. The key word is still – they were also super popular in 2015. So, enjoy browsing through the below photos of what I believe defined fashion this past year as we also anticipate what 2017 will bring.


2016 top trend #8:  V E L O U R




2016 top trend #7:  G I N G H A M




2016 top trend #6:  S I L K  S C A R V E S




2016 top trend #5:  C H O K E R S




2016 top trend #4: D A R K  F L O R A L  P A T T E R N S




2016 top trend #3:  M I D I  D R E S S E S  A N D  S K I R T S




2016 top trend #2:  L A C E  U P  T O P S




2016 top trend #1:  O F F  T H E  S H O U L D E R  T O P S  A N D  D R E S S E S

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.02.30 PM






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