Holiday Style Part 2

As a creative person, I am always, always searching for inspiration. And one of the easiest times of the year for me to feel inspired is Christmas! Last week, I shared a few holiday outfit ideas to inspire you. This week, I’m going to share a few holiday photos that have inspired me.



This (non-fashion but still very festive nonetheless) photo was taken just this week at the Hale Farm and Village in a part of Ohio I have yet to explore, but it just made my list!




Statement necklaces like this are worth a small investment because they can make any outfit stunning. The rose gold is especially gorgeous and the mixture of pearls and diamonds add even more interest. P.S. is it too late to add this to my Christmas list?? 




It is literally 0 degrees as I type this. Socks are no longer a boring childhood stocking stuffer, they are everything – and they’re essential.



Want to choose a holiday item that you’ll be able to wear for several Christmases to come? Choose a classic, elegant style with a holiday twist – like this velour circle skirt, sure to be in style for years.



Dressing up booties and bulky coats with a bright plaid scarf is probably the easiest way to be festive while staying warm – and something I currently do pretty much daily!



While all black may not be as festive as red or green, for example, on the surface level, its transitional ability from the holidays to the rest of the winter is unparalleled. Silver or gold accents help to create a more festive and formal look.



A bright holiday plaid – not to be confused with a fall flannel – is a classic staple and can be worn for years and years to come.



Red boots that are both snow and rainproof?! Why not.



Let me publicly admit it here: I love glitter. Now that that is out, let’s move on, shall we? Glitter accessories are the perfect compliment to all sorts of outfits, whether it’s just a sweater and jeans, or a more dressed up holiday party ensemble.



Fact: an outfit becomes 40% more festive when paired with a Starbucks red cup.



The off-the-shoulder/ cold shoulder trend has transitioned nicely into the colder months in the form of sweaters, casual enough for shopping and dressy enough for social gatherings.



Another fun form of glittery accessories – glitter heels!

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