Currently Wearing: Scarves

Come, Thou Long-Awaited Blog Post? Okay, bad joke. But I am seriously so thankful to have some time to finally write a new post after over a month! Look for my weekly posts to return from now till the beginning of the year, including some holiday-themed posts beginning next week!


This week I want to discuss a wardrobe staple and popular fashion topic: scarves. If you’re a female American, you really can’t live without them (at least I wouldn’t try it). More than a cold weather accessory, they are a cold weather essential and they are everywhere when fall and winter roll around. And if you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere where it’s chilly roughly 60% of the year, you’ll see them around in the spring too. As I have voiced several times before, I am really not a fan of winter. I love summer. That being said, I try to look at the bright side of things during the colder months and find things that I am thankful for – like Christmas (in 23 days!!) and scarves. I wear a scarf nearly every day. It is a great way to complete my look and can also dress up any basic winter coat, while also serving the function of keeping my neck warm. Currently I’m loving what also happens to be most popular right now: plaid blanket scarves. They are just so cozy and I love the classic colors and pattern.

Before I decide on what scarf to wear, I make sure it fits these three requirements:

1. It matches my outerwear (i.e. no black scarf with brown boots or a brown coat)

2. It matches my outfit underneath (so that I can still decide to wear it inside after I’ve taken my coat off)

3. It’s something I like and boosts my confidence (because why wear something if I don’t even like it?)




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