Oh September

I don’t really have anything personally against September–aside from the fact that it brings my favorite season to an end–but it is the hardest month to dress for, no doubt about it (March comes in second). That’s because it’s such a transitional month–September gets treated like fall, is technically summer for 2/3 of the month, and usually feels like summer the entire month, at least where I live. So what are you supposed to wear, exactly? The whole “no white after Labor Day” rule has been bent in recent years,  but there’s a whole lot of outfit uncertainty beyond that. I’m not one of those girls who wears a sweater inside while it’s 90 degrees outside and posts about it on social media with a tagline like “pretending it’s fall.” Sweater time will be here soon enough, people. Instead, this September I’m choosing to wear warm weather apparel (as long as it’s actually warm outside, which it probably will continue to be) (side not, yay!), but in more muted colors or with more layers. I’m (sadly) finished wearing my more summer-like sundresses and bright floral apparel (mostly) for this year, but I’m not finished wearing sandals and more basic sundresses just quite yet. See below for three looks I’ve already worn this month.



  1. Denim dress




2. Denim shirt over summer jumpsuit




3. Short-sleeved sweater


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