All Choked Up

I remember my middle school and early high school years when chokers were all. the. rage. Every “cool” girl had one, and if you were really cool, you wore one every day. It didn’t matter if it was the same one day after day. It just mattered that you were wearing a choker. Because of some hesitant parents, I was late to the trend and only started wearing my obnoxiously bright tie dye print choker as the trend was finally fading. Before that, though, I’d been resourceful and made my own choker- by cutting out a section of a pair of old black tights and rolling it up until it formed a thin band. That’s right, and this specific kind of DIY choker was quite possibly the coolest type of choker. Never mind that I couldn’t wear it out in public.


I’m happy to say that I am now allowed to wear chokers in public, but that doesn’t mean I am going to start wearing them again. If there’s one thing my fashion education has taught me (and you don’t even need a fashion education to know this): fashion is circuitous. Something that was in style once, unless it was a total dud, will come back in some form. That’s why stores today look like they’re selling the costumes from the set of The Brady Bunch – 70s style has become today’s style. Chokers came back even faster. I didn’t expect to see them in style again so quickly, and honestly, I can’t say that I’m much of a fan. Here’s why.



  1. It’s too soon. Because chokers were in style only 10-15 years ago, wearing one could make it look like you’re that much behind, especially since the “new” choker trend isn’t super well known just yet.


2. A choker detracts from the rest of your outfit. I like to wear a mixture of structured/fitted and loose clothing as part of my outfits, and adding a choker to the mix throws off that balance and draws attention away from my outfit and to my neck. No thanks.


3. This person helped to start the trend. Enough said.

choker1 (1)



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