When It’s Okay To Match Your Picnic Blanket

**Blog Update: The blog update is… There will be no blog update! That is, not for three weeks, possibly a month, because I will be traveling these next couple weeks. Don’t worry though (I’m sure you’re not worried), I’ll be back! Meanwhile, feel free to follow my Instagram (@creativityandcouture), I will try to post updates on there in lieu of blog posts.


This week I’m putting a spotlight on one of the trends I mentioned that’s been huge this spring and will continue to be for summer: gingham. Whether big or small, multicolored or just one color, mismatched or coordinated, gingham has been everywhere this season for women. Men’s and boy’s gingham (in a small print) button-downs have been a staple for years, and now women are wearing it too. For me, gingham brings to mind carefree summer days, outdoor concerts, ice cold lemonade, and patio dinners. However, I also think that, and it’s true for a lot of good things, that there’s such a thing as too much when it comes to gingham. Unless it’s a romper or a matching short skirt or shorts and top (maybe), I’m not a fan of wearing gingham on your top and bottom and especially not wearing two different gingham prints. However, it’s still fun to look at so I’ve shared a few photos of gingham I’ve seen around online lately – take a look!


IMG_5062 IMG_5081 IMG_5080 IMG_5079 IMG_5078 IMG_5074