Sports Stars Style

It’s no secret that I love sports almost as much as I love fashion. In fact, in this post I discussed some of the new jerseys the NFL debuted this past season. With the Super Bowl happening a few months ago and now the NBA playoffs (and soon to be finals) in full swing, we’ve all been seeing a lot of professional sports players in their street clothing, whether it’s footage of them walking into the stadium/arena, or clips of them from post-game press conferences. Some players go for normal, classic suits, some go for edgy, modern suits, and some just go off the deep end completely (hello, Cam Newton). From my observances, it appears to me that most sports players actually don’t have any sense of style – but that doesn’t stop us from watching what they wear. Here are five of the craziest ones I’ve seen recently (notice that I said craziest, not my favorite).


  1. Tyrod Taylor



2. Kevin Durant



3. Russell Westbrook



4. Cam Newton



5. Ezekiel Elliott


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