The Better Price

Besides blogging myself, I enjoy following other style bloggers- there’s a million out there, in case you hadn’t noticed. One of my favorite blogs that I follow and that I’ve mentioned on here before is Extra Petite – I love her classic style and practical clothing reviews. A few weeks back, she had a top on her blog that was from an online store based out the UK called Boohoo. I very rarely purchase any apparel online but Boohoo’s site caught my eye because of the enormous amount of styles they have plus their reasonable and even cheap prices – think H&M level. This combined with the fact that they were having a 30% off sale and they offer $5 shipping caused me to purchase the top (and a dress too). Shortly after ordering these pieces, I was browsing a different style blog that I occasionally follow and I saw a very similar top featured on there. It looked so familiar, in fact, that I clicked through to the online store and, from what I can tell, it is the exact same top. Now, I can’t completely be sure of this because I only purchased the first top, but as far as I can tell, the two are the same in every way (material, sizing, construction) except for two things: the colors offered and the price. The top is $20 (or less if on sale) if purchased from Boohoo. The top is $60 if purchased from Nordstrom. Crazy, right?! For me, it’s an easy decision. And it’s also a reminder to know what you’re paying for – just because something is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a brand name or that it’s even high quality.

Here’s a few photos of the top I chose. (Side note: It definitely needs to be ironed!)

IMG_4747 (1)




And here’s the $60 top:



2 thoughts on “The Better Price

  1. This is one of my biggest pet peeves with the fashion industry right now… Essentially, all of these store are selling the exact same things for drastically different prices. There used to be a noticeable difference in quality between price points. Now, not only is it the same design, but both garments are coming from the same exact manufacturing facilities and made of the same materials. I kind of hate shopping now because everything looks the same from store to store and the pricing makes NO sense. I would gladly pay more for higher quality if I could actually find it anymore… Ok sorry, rant over


    1. You are right! I agree with you, it’s all about the label now and not about the quality. Brand means so much to people but they don’t even realize that a “good” brand doesn’t necessarily mean good quality. If they’re the same quality I will always choose cheaper. ha.


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