5 Goals for this Spring & Summer

I’m fairly good at setting goals when it comes to thinks like exercising – i.e. run a hundred miles in a month, run a race, do 100 squats a day, etc. But I’ve found, maybe kind of surprisingly, I’m just not good at even setting goals when it comes to my wardrobe, let alone keeping them! Well, I’m trying to change that this year and here are five things I’ve thought of. I’m going to to my best to hold myself to them as they’re all things that I want to do and will help to improve my own personal style, in my opinion. I encourage you to set goals for your wardrobe as well, although they can be totally different than what I have listed below.


  1. Wear more dresses

Upon transferring my warm weather clothing to my closet after moving out my cold weather clothing (yay!), I found that I kept pulling dress.. after dress.. after dress out of the store bin. Let’s just say I own a lot of sundresses (accumulated over the years) without getting into any specific numbers. This has already prompted me to reach for a dress instead of a top and shorts in recent days and I plan on continuing this trend throughout the summer. Dresses are comfortable, easy, and feminine- what’s not to like?

IMG_4734 IMG_4739


2. Buy & wear clothing that is flattering to my figure and doesn’t just look good on the hanger

Too many times I’ve found something cute in a store and loved it on the hanger so much that I I’ve bought it without trying it on. Then I’ve gotten home and tried it on and it’s just not quite right, but I’ve kept it anyways because I’m still a fan of it overall. No more. There’s enough clothing to choose from out there, I can afford to turn down items that may look great on someone else but just aren’t for me. I want to wear comfortable clothing that fits me correctly.



3. Don’t be afraid to wear tennis shoes more often

No, this does not mean you will now be seeing me in a dress and tennis shoes (ha!). What it does mean is that I will be more likely to wear tennis shoes than flip flops. Because I do wear athletic clothing at some point of nearly every day, I’ve found myself pairing flip flops with it in the warmer months if I’m still wearing it after I work out, since my sandals would look too dressy with something like running shorts. Nothing against flip flops, but they hurt my feet when walking longer distances and provide little to no support. Next time I run errands while still in my gym clothing I’m going to reach for tennis shoes.



4. Accessorize intentionally

Some days I am great at adding accessories to my outfit, other days I am horrible. Usually I just reach for the basics- wedding ring, watch, and earrings. However, I own a lot of beautiful jewelry, most of it given to me, and I want to make better use of it and wear it on a more regular basis. Additionally, it’s really amazing how much a necklace can add to a simple outfit. (or a bracelet, like the ones in my Etsy Shop.)





5. Try new hairstyles

Some people try this every day, or every week. I try this- never. It’s true. I am really bad about trying new hairstyles. I’ve never been particularly good at it and so I feel intimated to branch out. However, I’m going to try to change that by periodically trying new hairstyles this summer. There’s only about a million on Pinterest alone!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.09.43 PM

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