Layers (Part One)

This time of year I’m usually looking for something warm to wear.. and this year specifically I am trying to challenge myself to not wear a sweater each day of the week, as is usually my habit. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with sweaters (they’re so warm and cozy and there’s a million different styles available!). This doesn’t mean either that I’ve stopped wearing them completely (as shown below). What this does mean is that I’ve been attempting to wear more layers, adding both style and practicality to my outfits in addition to giving my own unique twist to some of my favorite staple pieces.

This week as well as next week I’ll be sharing some layered outfits I’ve put together recently. It’s been fun to find myself looking at my wardrobe in a whole new way as I mix and match colors and prints, without compromising warmth – and if you know me you know how important that is to me during winter. Stay tuned for more layered looks next week!






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