Like to Know it

Disclaimer: If you aren’t on Instagram then this post may or may not make sense to you.


As a style blogger who has an Instagram account, each time I’m on Instagram I can’t help but see “” posts by other bloggers. At first I was confused because I had no idea what it was, but the more I saw bloggers putting it in the description underneath their outfit photos, the more curious I became so I decided to find out for myself.


First, I have to say that whoever came up with Like to Know it (LTK) is brilliant. Here’s how it works: You go to the LTK website and enter in your email information and create an account with them. After that, the next time you get on Instagram you allow LTK to access your account. And then, when you scroll through Instagram and see that a blogger has her outfit linked to LTK, simply like the photo. Within five minutes you’ll receive an email with the shopping information on the outfit. So the email from LTK allows you to easily click on the piece of clothing or accessory that you want, and it takes you directly to the exact item on that stores website. One more click and the item’s in your cart- before you know it you’ve bought it. LTK makes online shopping dangerously easy. And that’s why I have mixed feelings about it.

Example of an Instagram photo that has been linked to LTK:



The good:

  • LTK is a way for style bloggers to make some profit on the side. A blogger can partner with the brands featured on LTK (see more about that further down on this post) and receive a commission each time someone directed from her Instagram purchases the item on the store’s website.
  • LTK keeps you from having to visit multiple websites as well as relying on your memory. In one neat and tidy email it will send you all the information you need for that outfit you saw on Instagram, and you can look at the email right away or save it for later.
  • As I said above, LTK makes online shopping dangerously easy – no browsing needed.  You can purchase an entire outfit online within a matter of minutes.


The bad:

  • Not all brands are featured on LTK. If they haven’t partnered with LTK, then a blogger can’t link that item. So while a top and coat from your favorite blogger’s latest outfit post may be linked through LTK, those jeans you really like aren’t won’t be in the email because they’re not a featured brand.
  • The LTK platform is a little messy. Each outfit has a specific link so that LTK can track which outfit details to send to your email after you’ve like the picture. And it can get wordy, as shown below:

IMG_4532 (1)



  • One of the biggest frustrations that I’ve come across other people having with LTK is that it can be almost impossible to get information about an outfit if it’s linked with LTK and you don’t happen to have LTK. I’ve seen so many photo comments on LTK outfit photos that have gone along these lines:

Person A: I love that shirt! Where is it from?

Style Blogger: Just sign up for and you’ll get the entire outfit’s details sent straight to your email inbox!

Do you see what’s happening here? Some stores have actually lost potential customers because the potential customer doesn’t want to sign up for LTK, but the bloggers won’t actually tell them the outfit information, leaving the potential customer to move on without ever knowing where the clothing came from.

  • And once again, the fact that LTK makes online shopping dangerously easy has a downside. LTK most definitely promotes consumerism and the “buy now, think later” mentality of women in America today.

Because of that last reason especially I won’t be signing up for LTK, not as a potential customer and not as a style blogger. If I do decide to share where certain clothing items that I feature on my blog came from, then I want to be able to do that without making it exclusive to followers who have signed up for LTK. I also don’t want to come across as a profit-driven blog that’s catered to shopaholics. Creativity and Couture definitely has and will continue to have outfit posts, but they will be “read/ask to know” instead of “like to know.”


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