Rose Gold


A couple years ago, I met a college friend for dinner who had recently gotten engaged. Of course, I wanted to see the ring and she extended her hand across the table. It surprised me at first – it was a lovely ring made entirely of rose gold. I liked it but I had never seen an engagement ring quite like it! Fast forward to (early) 2016, and rose gold is everywhere – little did my friend know! Personally, I think rose gold is lovely and am happy to see it so on trend. It’s the perfect blend of pink and bronze and is also feminine and faintly formal. All of my recent accessory purchases have been rose gold, unintentionally! While it remains to be seen just how long this trend will stick around, if you like it then I think you should go for it. Even if rose gold isn’t as popular in a few years, it’s still a lovely color and will be something you’ll still want to wear assuming you liked it in the first place.

IMG_4399 (1)

While rose gold hues are also popular in apparel items, the biggest place to see this trend is in accessories. Some accessories I’ve been seeing (and loving!) recently in rose gold:

-The new iPhone 6S



-Oversized cuff or link bracelets






-Nail Polish



-Jewelry in general




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