What to Wear: Thanksgiving

I apologize that it’s been nearly a month since my last post- I hope to get back to my weekly post starting now. Winter break has rolled around for school and I plan to take full advantage of it. : ) 


Today’s post is about what you should wear for Thanksgiving Day. Even if your favorite football team is playing, it’s probably not a great idea to show up to your relative’s house in jeans and a jersey. And if you’re hosting, you want to look as nice and welcoming as your home does. Of course, the main thing to consider when choosing your outfit for this day is comfort – this is America and we like to eat! All of these below options keep both comfort and style in mind. Follow Creativity and Couture on Instagram to see what I end up wearing on Thursday!


-Loose, flowing dress with riding boots or OTK boots



-Sweater tunic over leggings


-Bright plaid (scarf or button down shirt) with jeans



-Plaid shawl over crisp white and denim



-And a scarf to add as the perfect accessory to any outfit – remove while you eat!

tgiving11 tgiving12 tgiving13


I know this post is about Thanksgiving but I wanted to share my favorite Christmas album this year – currently on repeat. “It’s Almost Christmas” by Jon and Valerie Guerra is $5.99 on iTunes from now till Thanksgiving – so go get it!

Click here to get it


One thought on “What to Wear: Thanksgiving

  1. Great post, Hannah! I appreciate your encouragement. I don’t have Instagram so you’ll have to text me a photo of what you wear. Please!

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