Boots, Basically

Since my last blog post mentioned boots as an item for Fall Style, I wanted to talk more about them.

Specifically, ankle boots.

Specifically ankle boots, because they are absolutely everywhere this season. I mean, seriously?! Have you been outside? I hope you like ankle boots, because this year you can’t get away from them. Thankfully, I happen to like them and think they are a fresh new look in footwear. There are still many style options within the ankle length trend so you can choose which one you like best. Here are a few of my personal favorites:


ankleboots boots2 boots3 boots4 boots5 boots6 boots7 boots8


Some ways you can wear them:


  • With cuffed girlfriend jeans
  • With a dress and bare legs
  • With folded-over chunky socks



Boots in this post are from Kohl’s and DSW.

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