Fall 2015 Trends

Well it’s hard to believe that summer is officially over and fall is upon us. However, it’s a cool, rainy day where I am today so it does make it a little easier to write this post. Now that it’s October stores are brimming with new merchandise for the colder months. Honestly, I always find this time of year at the mall to be a little overwhelming – there is just so much to choose from! My goal for this post is to make it easier for you to be able to pick out cute and trendy pieces for your fall wardrobe that are new for this season. So, here are my favorite trends for fall this year:


  1. Blanket scarves

I love this trend. Maybe because I’m always cold? Anyways, blanket scarves are not only super stylish but also super practical. There is a multitude of different ways that you can wear them – wrapped around your neck, tied loosely in the back, over your shoulders like a shawl. Choose one with a bright plaid print that will spice up your outerwear.



2.  Long sweaters

Any kind of sweater, whether it’s a cardigan, vest, turtleneck – all types of sweaters are seeing a longer length this season. The great thing about this trend is that longer sweaters can be worn with a variety of bottoms – choose between leggings or jeans.

fall4 fall3


3.  Boots, boots, boots

Basically, boots are always in style when the weather gets colder. I posted about boots last fall, and I’ll probably post about them next fall. More specifically, black seems to be the most popular color this year.



4.  Faux fur

A little (key word) faux fur never hurt anyone. Especially if you’ve never felt bold enough to own any, this fall is your chance! You can find a faux fur vest at a variety of stores.



5.  Button down skirts

Bringing back memories of the Brady Bunch this year is the button down skirt. These are also everywhere. Available in suede, khaki and all kinds of lengths, you can choose the style you like best.



6.  Girlfriend jeans

I was going to say that these are the cousin of boyfriend jeans, but that just doesn’t sound quite right! They are, however, very similar to previous seasons’ popular boyfriend jeans. Still cropped and distressed, they are a closer fit than boyfriend jeans but still have more room to them than skinny jeans. Comfortable and still feminine.


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