What New York Fashion Week Means for You

Each September (September 10-17 this year, although some designers showed earlier), the eyes of the fashion world turn to New York City, where designers showcase their new collections for the upcoming spring. It is absolutely the most important week on the calendar for the US fashion scene. Today, I want to focus on what NYFW means for the average consumer- you!

Here are three reasons why I believe this year’s fashion week should matter to you:


1) It is very accessible – not only can you watch the runway shows after they’ve happened, you can also watch them happening live – all for free online! You can watch it here. New this year, there’s now also an app that’s just for New York Fashion Week (available in the app store) that also features live streaming as well as designer showtimes and traffic updates. Thanks to technology, with just a swipe or a click you can feel like you’re actually present there by spending hours viewing all the shows, or you can take a couple minutes out of your day to see if there’s anything that catches your eye. NYFW is under new ownership this year and that means, in addition to a change in the location of the venue, the general public is more welcome than ever to virtually participate in the event. It’s so open this year that a few well-established designers have even opted out of NYFW and decided to show their new collection at a private viewing – they wanted to be more “exclusive”.


2) It’s more relevant to the average consumer than it has been in years past. Because of technology and more specifically social media, runway trends are trickling down to retail stores faster than ever. Trend lifecycles are shorter than they ever have been due to the ever-increasing popularity of “fast fashion.” If you see a style you really like on the runway, you may very well see it in your favorite store a couple months later. Lauren Conrad created waves in the fashion industry this year by presenting her all-new LC by Lauren Conrad Runway Collection- and then making it available on Kohls.com the very next day. While high fashion is still very much alive and well, I believe that the spirit of NYFW has taken a turn towards younger, more accessible fashion.


3) It inspires all kinds of art forms. One of the beautiful things about fashion are the multifaceted aspects of its inspiration – all fashion is inspired by something and also has the power to be the inspiration for something else. You don’t have to be a fashion designer to find runway fashion inspiring- artists from all genres can draw their inspiration from beautiful clothing.


So watch New York Fashion Week because it’s so accessible, pay attention to it because it’s what will soon be available on the racks, and enjoy it because it has the power to spark creativity and inspire your imagination.






Next week I’ll share my favorite looks from the week. Stay tuned! 



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