What to Wear to Workout // Men’s Edition

As a follow up to my post about the latest trends in women’s workout apparel, today I’m going to discuss the latest trends in men’s workout apparel. This is easier said than done because new trends in men’s apparel have a much longer lifecycle than women’s apparel, and men’s athleticwear is no exception – if anything, there are even fewer trends when it comes to men’s athleticwear. I believe this is because there are only so many different items of clothing a guy can and will wear to exercise, and so there’s not really a whole lot of new styles on the market. However, I will share what the latest styles are as well as some classic staples so even if you’re headed to the gym, you can still be sure you’re going to look your best.


Above-the-knee shorts


V-neck shirts


Fitted track pants


Color blocked jackets


Graphic shirts


Tank tops (…within reason)


Also currently trending – golf-inspired attire

Clothing credit for this page: NordstromOld Navy and Dick’s Sporting Goods

20 Things I Learned from Living in Chicago

Reflections on a year spent in the Windy City

1) Just when you think winter will never end and spring will never come, it’s summer
The perfect two months or so of summer almost make you forget how cold the other ten months are.

2) It’s (almost) always cold
As noted above, three seasons out of the year it’s chilly and windy

3) Summer is as beautiful as winter is harsh
The plethora of outdoor activities and festivals bring the city alive during the sunny, hot and absolutely gorgeous summers

4) Tax is crazy
You think you know the total of your purchase? Just wait, that Cook County 10% + tax will bump it up!

5) So is the traffic
It doesn’t matter whether you live or work in the city or the suburbs – rush hour is almost always double or triple normal commute times

6) Never complain about your commute, because someone always has it worse
I had a 30-50 minute commute, and I soon learned that any commute under an hour is “normal” or even “decent”

7) One drop of rain (or snow) is enough to triple your commute
Forget about getting home in time. Everyone seems to forget how to drive if there’s a hint of inclement weather.

8) The food options are endless
In addition to being famous for deep dish pizza, there is a long list of famous restaurants all across the city in addition to just about every chain you can imagine

9) Deep dish pizza is just as good as it sounds
The best type of pizza in the world, in my opinion

10) There’s more than just hot dogs at Portillo’s
This beloved Chicago-based chain is also popular for their Italian Beef and Chocolate Cake Milkshakes

11) There is never a shortage of things to do
There is so much architecture, history, art, shopping, nature preserves as well as general sightseeing opportunities in this great city – you could live here your whole life without ever running out of things to do

12) Everything is expensive
The downside of #9

13) There’s also a permit for everything
But hey, at least it makes for colorful stickers on your car!

14) Never drive anywhere without your I-PASS
You’ll need it for most of the interstates. Plus, it saves you 50% off the regular toll cost

15) That rolling stop could cost you
Outlawed in some suburbs, I was unfortunate enough to live in suburb that still has “Red Light Cameras”: if you run a red light or don’t stop completely, they send you a bill

16) “The Chicago area” covers roughly 1,000,000 suburbs
Seriously though – you could live an hour and a half outside of downtown and still refer to it as “Chicago”

17) Chicago natives are fiercely loyal to their city
Most of the people I met had been born and raised and then stayed in Chicago because they love the city for all that it is – traffic and all!

18) It is one of the greatest cities in the world
It is the greatest big city I have ever visited, let alone lived in. Chicago is truly a world class city

19) It’s no place for fashion designers
While numerous companies are based out of Chicago, the complete lack of apparel companies make it a hard place for designers to succeed

20) Like any city, it’s the people that make it great
I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people during my time in Chicago. It truly made my time in the Windy City so special!




August Fitness Challenge

As a follow up to my last blog post on women’s athletic clothing, I decided to create a fitness challenge for the month of August. Creativity and Couture is still very much a fashion blog- but this month we are focusing on fitness!

Each week, I will post one specific exercise for you to do daily- these workouts are meant to be an addition to and not in place of your regular workouts. You will do as many reps of this workout as the high temperature is forecasted that day. And yes, I am well aware that  August is traditionally the hottest month of the year. 🙂



Are you ready for week #1?! Today is August 1st, so there is no time like the present! This week’s exercise is the lunge. To execute, stand in place with your abs gently contracted and your hands on your hips. Take a large step forward with your right foot so that your right knee is at a 90 degree angle with the ground. IMG_4386

Then, stand back up and straighten your legs so that it looks like this:IMG_4385


Repeat with the left leg so that your total number of reps is split evenly between both legs. For example, if the high is 84 today then you should complete 42 lunges on each leg.

IMG_4388 IMG_4389


I will be doing this fitness challenge all month with you, so feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions! Stay tuned for next week’s exercise as well as a special post dedicated to the city of Chicago.