What to Wear to Workout

If there’s one thing I love as much as fashion it’s fitness. If you know me personally, chances are you’ve seen me at one point or another in workout clothing (okay, or maybe you’ve only seen me in workout clothing!). This is because I work out almost daily because of the health benefits. I love how it makes me feel during and after I work out and a healthy lifestyle is important to me – more about that next month! In recent years, there has been a burst of a new large variety of activewear that wasn’t available previously. Now there are trends specific to activewear as well as those that mimic streetwear. Here are a few clothing options for you to wear the next time you go for a run or head to the gym. Each one is both fashionable and functional.


fitness9 fitness4

Bold and bright printed tights 




Layered running shorts





Loose-fitting cropped pants




Burnout tops




Mesh tops




Cinched-back tops




Strappy backs





Loose-fitting tops




Eye-catching headbands



Clothing credit for this page: Old NavylululemonH&M and Dick’s Sporting Goods.



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