Effortless Style

This post is for everyone out there who isn’t a morning person – the struggle is real. Technically, the title of this post should be “How To Get Ready In 30 Minutes Or Less Each Morning” because that’s really what I’m going to be discussing.

I’ve never been a morning person- in college, I used to struggle to get to class at 8:30 that was a 10 minute walk away. Now, I have to be at my current job hours before that and let’s just say my commute is a little bit longer than 10 minutes. My  goal in the mornings is always to get as much sleep as I can while also getting out the door as quickly as possible. While this is something I definitely haven’t quite mastered (some days I look like I got ready in even less time than a half hour – whoops), I’d like to share some tips with you about how you can get ready for work quickly in the morning- and not look like it only took you 30 minutes!

  • Pack your lunch the night before. Assuming you do pack a lunch, this typically takes several minutes to do and can cut out a chunk of time in the morning if you prepare your food the previous evening.
  • Eat breakfast at work. Unless you have a hands-on, have-to-be-on-your-feet-right-away job, there’s nothing wrong with eating a quiet breakfast at your desk.
  • Shower the night before. Studies have shown that it’s actually better for your body to shower before going to sleep instead of right after waking up. It soothes and calms your body down before bed and helps to put you in a drowsy state.
  • And, most importantly, lay out your outfit the night before. I’ve been doing this for years and not only has it saved me a significant amount of time in the mornings, but I’ve also found that I can think more clearly and choose more carefully the outfit that I want to wear the next day when I choose it in the evening as opposed to that morning.  Also, by actually physically laying out my outfit I’m able to see how my clothing, accessories and shoes all look together, therefore creating a more cohesive and coordinated look each day.


One benefit to waking up early – seeing the sunrise!

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