Style Chat: Julia

In place of this month’s Real Honest Style I am excited to share with you an interview I had with Julia Hurford.


Julia is both a cousin and friend of mine. She lives in Toronto, Canada and is an artist and also currently a student. Every time we get together we end up shopping, and back in our early teenage years we used to always get matching shirts! As great as it was at the time, we have moved past that but still have lots of fun together. Julia has a great sense of style- specifically, I’ve always admired her mixture of unique and artistic clothing with simple basics. Here’s what we sat down and talked about:

How would you would describe your personal style?

I would say neutral tones, so blacks, whites, grays and beige. I like wearing neutral tones with bright jewelry/accessories that stand out.


What is a staple that you think every girl should have in her closet?

Either a white dress or a white top. Because white is a beautiful color on all skin tones and it can brighten the person’s appearance. It also looks good in all seasons.


What is the most daring/”out there” item of clothing you own?

I don’t know if it’s “out there” but it’s a one piece romper and it’s black and made out of very thin, flowy material. It’s great for the summer if you’re walking downtown or going out dancing. It’s daring because for one it’s cut in a way that I have to wear a bandeau underneath it and two because I feel like that style of romper not everyone could pull it off- it’s a hard thing to pull off.


What do you want people to think about you when you walk in the room?

That I’m confident in myself. Outgoing, artistic and classic. I want them to see me as gentle, feminine and kind. I think the simple classic clothes that I wear create a classic look which can be gentle and approachable for strangers.


What is style?

I think that style is a way to express yourself artistically, to express your mood, your personality. Style is being yourself and wearing what makes you feel the most comfortable, confident and beautiful.


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