Summer of Sandals

Each summer brings about new trends in footwear, and this year’s summer is no exception. In fact, this summer’s sandal trends are some of the most distinctive and noticeable that I’ve seen in years. The good news is, we’re moving away from flip flops and towards shoes with much more support. Women have finally realized that walking around only in flip flops year after year takes its toll on their feet, and this is evident by the larger variety of sandals that aren’t flip flops available in stores today. Personally, I love how easy it is to slip on a pair of flip flops and they’re still the best choice for the beach or the pool, but for the sake of this blog post only actual sandals are going to be featured.

Sandal Trend #1: Birkenstock-style soles

This is the biggest sandal trend of the season and it’s also the best one for your feet. If you’ve been in any shoe store or aisle since March I can guarantee that you’ve seen sandals with this sole. It’s a basic neutral-colored sole that by itself is actually not very attractive, but once paired with a stylish body it can have a whole new look that’s completely on trend. Metallic, glitter, metal hardware, neon- there are all kinds of Birkenstock-style sandals currently on the market. If you purchase one new pair of sandals all summer, make sure it’s one of these- you’ll be on trend and your feet will thank you for the great support.




Sandal Trend #2: Jellies

Yes, jellies are for adults now too! You can bring back childhood memories by wearing a pair of these fun and lightweight sandals, and not look completely ridiculous while doing it. Similar to the above sandals, there are a lot of varieties of jellies for adults available and you can choose whether you want a traditional pair (as below) or a pair that has a more supportive sole with a jelly body.






Sandal Trend #3: Wedges

These are not technically a new trend, as wedge heels have been popular for a couple years now, but this summer they are particularly strong. They can dress your outfit up easily or add a stylish footnote to your business casual ensemble. The best part about wedges is that all kinds of sandals can have a wedge heel, so you can choose from a vast array of sandals in order to find the pair you like best- short or high heel, chunky or strappy, it’s up to you!


Style Chat: Julia

In place of this month’s Real Honest Style I am excited to share with you an interview I had with Julia Hurford.


Julia is both a cousin and friend of mine. She lives in Toronto, Canada and is an artist and also currently a student. Every time we get together we end up shopping, and back in our early teenage years we used to always get matching shirts! As great as it was at the time, we have moved past that but still have lots of fun together. Julia has a great sense of style- specifically, I’ve always admired her mixture of unique and artistic clothing with simple basics. Here’s what we sat down and talked about:

How would you would describe your personal style?

I would say neutral tones, so blacks, whites, grays and beige. I like wearing neutral tones with bright jewelry/accessories that stand out.


What is a staple that you think every girl should have in her closet?

Either a white dress or a white top. Because white is a beautiful color on all skin tones and it can brighten the person’s appearance. It also looks good in all seasons.


What is the most daring/”out there” item of clothing you own?

I don’t know if it’s “out there” but it’s a one piece romper and it’s black and made out of very thin, flowy material. It’s great for the summer if you’re walking downtown or going out dancing. It’s daring because for one it’s cut in a way that I have to wear a bandeau underneath it and two because I feel like that style of romper not everyone could pull it off- it’s a hard thing to pull off.


What do you want people to think about you when you walk in the room?

That I’m confident in myself. Outgoing, artistic and classic. I want them to see me as gentle, feminine and kind. I think the simple classic clothes that I wear create a classic look which can be gentle and approachable for strangers.


What is style?

I think that style is a way to express yourself artistically, to express your mood, your personality. Style is being yourself and wearing what makes you feel the most comfortable, confident and beautiful.


What to Wear for Wedding Season

My favorite time of the year (summer!!) also happens to be the most popular time of the year to get married – hence the nickname “wedding season.” With most people attending multiple weddings during the next couple months, I thought it might be helpful to create a list of some simple do’s and don’ts of what to wear the next time you go to see a family member or friend walk down the aisle:


  • Wear: Bright (but not neon) colors. It is a happy occasion, after all! Let your attire showcase that.
  • Don’t wear: White. There are really no exceptions to this- white should never be worn because it’s reserved for the bride and can come across as disrespectful if you show up wearing it too.
  • Wear: Your little black dress. Yes, it is now socially acceptable to wear black to a wedding. Black is the most formal color and is especially perfect for evening or black tie weddings.
  • Don’t wear: Pants. Even at weddings that are more casual, yes, you should wear a skirt or dress. Pants are too casual in this type of setting and come across as apathetic. Exceptions: A long romper that is both dressy and stylish and women who are 70+.
  • Wear: High heels. You know that pair that’s too dressy for work and that you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to wear? A wedding is the perfect setting for a cute pair of stilettos!
  • Don’t wear: Sequins, or anything that’s similarly flashy. There’s a time and a place for glitter and glam but at a wedding it will give the appearance that you’re trying to upstage the bride.
  • Wear: A cocktail dress. It’s the perfect length and classic silhouette for an event like this.
  • Don’t wear: Something that shows too much skin. Most wedding ceremonies take place in a church, so wear something that’s appropriate for that setting. Wearing something that’s revealing can come across as disrespectful to the bride as well.
  • Wear: Something stylish. This is the perfect type of large gathering for showing off your newest gown or trendy accessories.
  • Don’t wear: Flip flops. They are much too casual for any type of wedding unless it takes place on a beach – in which case you could probably even forego the flip flops and go barefoot.