Poolside Confidence

The beginning of summer brings to mind long days, ice cream cones, flip flops, and perhaps most importantly: pooltime. The first trip to the pool of the year is a nerve wracking and even dreaded experience for most women. You’re about to put on a swimsuit, something you haven’t done in over 8 months (at least where I live!), you’re not sure how it’s going to look after your long “hibernation,” and on top of all that your bright white skin is about to meet the sun for the first time in a long time. Because I’ve felt the same way myself, I decided to put together a list this year of things you can do to make your pool (or beach) trips this year more enjoyable for you and to give you more confidence in your outfit. The simple act of adding a few fun accessories to your basic swimsuit can help you be less self-conscious about how you think you look and instead more focused on having a good time in or by the water. Here are some things to bring along the next time you go to the pool:


  • A trendy coverup. This is the most important part of your new outfit and it’s also really easy to find a nice one for an inexpensive price. Long or short, flowing or fitted, printed or solid – there are a myriad of beautiful and easy-to-wear options out there.
  • Cute sandals. Rather than opting for the basic pair of flip flops that everyone else is wearing, choose a wedge (but still comfortable) heel or fancy flip flops to stand out.
  • Hair band. It can be a basic band, a hair ribbon, or a scarf tied around your head – each option will not only add a stylish touch to your outfit, but can also be a practical way to keep hair out of your face.
  • Big sunglasses. Another inexpensive option that adds a lot to your outfit and is also practical. Choose a pair that fit your face well but are also slightly outside of your comfort zone- you won’t regret it!
  • A big bag. This can be used to hold towels, magazines, sunscreen etc. while simultaneously acting as a stylish oversized and colorful accessory.



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