Real Honest Style May 2015


The summer after my sophomore year of college I spent on a missions internship in West Virginia. Before leaving for the summer, I went through the suggested packing list and saw that there was a raincoat on the list. At that time I didn’t own one so I went to Target and found this one on the clearance rack. Sure, it wasn’t the typical raincoat one may choose for a summer spent at a camp and filled with construction, Vacation Bible School, cooking, and cleaning (but mostly construction), but at the time I felt that it suited me. It was trendy, it had some color to it, and it was something I could wear after that summer.



That raincoat and I went through a lot together that summer. I wore it every time it rained and, because we were outside so much, that ended up being fairly frequently. One day in particular it poured rain all day but we were still outside working the entire time because we had a wheelchair ramp to finish.  My coat may have stood out from everyone else’s coats, but it kept me dry the whole time.






I still wear this raincoat when it’s a rainy day. Its color has faded a little and there are paint stains on it from that summer in West Virginia, but it’s not ripped or torn and it still keeps me dry. Somewhat surprisingly, I still receive compliments on it almost every time I wear it. I appreciate the compliments as well as the fact that the raincoat is still functional, but I mainly continue to wear it because of the character it still has years later and the memories that come back to me every time I wear it. That’s why my old purple raincoat is my Real Honest Style this month.


Interested in being a part of next month’s Real Honest Style? Email me directly with your ideas!

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