Spring Wardrobe Update

Technically, spring is halfway over, which means I’m quite late with this post. However, if you live where I live, it’s only just starting to feel like spring – and only some days at that! Because all of my warmer weather clothing has been hanging unused in my closet I haven’t felt motivated to write a spring fashion post. So, now that I’m finally getting around to it, here are the trends you need to know for late spring/early summer (I will post a more specific summer fashion post next month). This season is all about easy to wear staples and comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.



  • Birkenstock-style sandals. These are huge. If you decide to follow one trend this spring and summer, follow this one. This is not a trend I would have ever guessed would happen, but it’s actually rather practical- Birkenstock-style soles offer much better support than the typical women’s flat sandals do. Opt for a pair with metallic straps for a modern look.
  • Lounge pants. A comfortable option that can easily be dressed up or down. Pair them with a tucked-in top (similar to jogging pants) for a put-together look that’s still comfortable.
  • Patterned shorts and pants. Including the lounge pants mentioned above, patterned loose-fitting pants and shorts are making a splash this season. Choose an eyelet pair of shorts for multiple outfit options and a subtle mix of texture and patterns.
  • Kimono tops. These can come in a variety of styles – open-front robe-style, tunic length, long or short sleeved – but they all have these characteristics in common: dropped, oversized sleeves and made of lightweight, flowing material.
  • Bright colors. Step out of your comfort zone and go for it! Incorporating color into your wardrobe is a fun way to celebrate the season and it’s easy because it can be done using pieces you already have.
  • Maxi dress and skirts… are still in style. This is not a new trend for this year but it’s a very strong ongoing trend. More specific to this year are maxi gowns in brightly painted fabrics or oversized floral prints.
  • Accessories trends: Hair bands, gray nail polish, stacked bracelets and knuckle rings. Fun, girly and feminine, any (or all) of these items can add a lot to an outfit and help you to feel polished and put-together.




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