Real Honest Style April 2015


At the beginning of my junior year of college, my mom and I went shopping and we bought my first pair of combat boots. At that time, combat boots were just starting to become trendy (and they still are today). In most cases, the more broken in and “worn” looking your combat boots were, the better. When we bought that pair of boots little did I know just how broken in and worn mine would become.


Not only were they were comfortable and had good support, they also had a side zip closure so they were easy to take on and off. Needless to say, they quickly became my “go-to” boot that fall and winter. Their black color went with almost all my outfits, especially since it’s my favorite color to wear in the colder months, and I wore them all around campus both that year and the next. Tights, leggings, jeans – it didn’t matter, I wore my combat boots.

That following summer, I studied abroad in Australia. Summer in the US is actually winter in Australia, (although thankfully not as cold as the Midwest!), and I wore boots and jackets the entire time I was there. Specifically, I wore my combat boots during all the walking I did, whether it was 15 minute walk to and from the bus stop each day, or walking around sightseeing in downtown Sydney with friends. One weekend a friend and I went on a tour of the Great Ocean Road and I wore them as we walked the paths along the ocean cliffs. Another weekend I wore them as I walked the paths along the cliffs at Manly Beach with my dad.


It’s been a few years now since that trip, but I still find myself wearing those same boots to work or when I’m out and about on the weekends. The soles are starting to wear through and they’re scuffed in the front, but they’re still my favorite pair of boots. I still wear them not because they’re my newest or most stylish boots, but because of all the memories I’ve made while wearing them and all the places they’ve taken me. That’s why my old black combat boots are my Real Honest Style this month.

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