3 Blogs I Follow

Here’s a quick look at 3 blogs that I follow for inspiration and… well, for fun!


1) Extra Petite. My sister in law introduced me to this blog initially and, it’s a great resource for style even if you’re not petite (like me). Officially, it’s a “fashion and lifestyle” blog and creator Jean regularly posts pictures of cute outfits, along with sale information, fit information, and even what that particular store’s shipping and/or returns policy is. I really appreciate how down to earth this blog is as well as Jean’s classic with a trendy twist sense of style.


2) Palm Beach Lately. Sadly, I am not from Palm Beach, but my husband is from that area, and sometimes I like to daydream about living there (it is a beautiful area). Sisters Beth and Danielle blog about local events, fashion, interior decorating, and even more. Palm Beach Lately is actually an entire website, not just a blog, and features an island map, things to do, and even an online store. I enjoy the fun and carefree beachside photoshoots the sisters post as well as the fact that they also love Lily Pulitzer. Bonus!


3) The Chicago Life Blog. This blog is mainly the personal blog of founder Amelia but also features celebrity interviews, styling tips, city happenings, and more. I stumbled upon this blog one day while looking for a style blog based out of Chicago and I’m so glad I did. Her variety of topics and elegant taste in fashion make this a must read- plus she recently interviewed one of my favorite figure skaters, Meryl Davis.


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