Static Electricity


I’ve been waging a war all winter long… against static. It all started back in the late fall actually, when I wore a new oversized sweater to work. I didn’t notice anything wrong with it until I took my coat off at work and simultaneously shocked myself while also noticing that the sweater was clinging to me in every which way. (Great start to the day!). The worst part of it was that I had to stay like that all day long. I tried pouring water on my hands and then running them over my sweater from time to time which helped a little bit with the clinging but overall it was a small distaster. I couldn’t wait to change as soon as I got home (although I shocked myself while doing that as well). Ever since that long day, I’ve been in search of ways to cut down on static. Thankfully, winter is almost over (!!) and more humid air is about to arrive. However, I still had to fight some static battles today so I thought it would still be helpful to share some tips I’ve learned to cut down on everyday static. If you have more tips please feel free to leave them in the comments – I’d like to know!! Anyways, here are things to do that I’ve found can cut down on static:

1) Keep a dryer sheet in your purse. If I change purses… the dryer sheet changes purses too. I literally never leave the house without a dryer sheet on me. I’ve found that it’s an easy fix for me in case I take my coat off and find (once again) that my clothes are static. Because, then you can…

2) Use the dryer sheet on your clothes. Whether or not you’re wearing them. Usually, if I am going to be wearing a sweater or other article of clothing that I know has a tendency to be static, I lay it out the night before and rub a dryer sheet all over it. I’ve found that this helps make wearing it the next day easier, although I still bring a dryer sheet with me.

3) Use lotion. And lots of it. Not only on your skin, but since I have fine hair it reacts to static so easily and it can be quite irritating. I’ve found that putting lotion on my hands and running them through my hair helps to cut down on static and flyaways.

4) Air dry as many clothes as possible. This will cut down on static that clothing can easily pick up while in the dryer.

5) Use a humidifier. Just not at the same time as you’re air drying your clothes! Humidifiers bring moisture into the air which helps to hydrate your skin and cut down on static electricity.

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