Red Carpet Clarity

This coming weekend features the Oscars, considered by most to be the most important awards show of the year. Obviously, what will be most talked about afterwards is who won what and who didn’t – but almost as important is who wore what. Red carpet fashion is very important and a popular topic of discussion in American culture today. Women especially follow what the stars wore on the red carpet and look to them for fashion guidance. However, let’s pause for a moment. Do actresses (and music artists) really know so much about fashion that they’re qualified to be trend setters? My answer is no. Actresses are famous because they’re good at acting on screen, not because they’re fashion designers or experts. I will grant that they have more access to great fashion because of their fame and wealth, but this alone doesn’t mean that they automatically have a great sense of style. I am not trying to be a downer and tell you that you shouldn’t pay any attention to the red carpet this year because it really shouldn’t matter, what I am trying to do is to help you gain a better understanding of red carpet fashion and where to look for inspiration. This year, if you do watch the Oscars or look at pictures from it the next day, I would encourage you to:

1) Choose your favorite gowns (nothing different here!)

2) Appreciate the designer for the gown, not the actress. When you find a gown that inspires you because of its beauty, look up the designer. Chances are they recently showed their Fall 2015 line at New York Fashion Week, which happened this week.

3) …And bring it back to reality. No, you’re not going to drop thousands of dollars on a custom gown that took 20 hours just to sew the crystal bead overlay on it. However, you can take your favorite gowns and look out for similar silhouettes in more accessible stores. I believe that a better understanding of red carpet fashion will lead you to a better enjoyment of it.


Pictured: Zac Posen with model Naomi Campbell at the end of his Fall 2015 collection during New York Fashion Week, February 16th, 2015.

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