Winter Wardrobe Update

Today I’m here to talk to you about winter shopping deals – because now is the time to find some really good sales on cold weather clothing. In all honesty, in recent years I’ve bought more fall/winter clothing in January and February than in December or any of the earlier fall months because the prices are so much better and, since I’m not growing anymore, I don’t need many new items each year. So, here are some deals I’ve seen while out shopping and would like to share with you. {Keep in mind prices may vary locally}

IMG_0423 IMG_3178


1) Shoes. Boots, flats, smoking slippers, really any type of shoe that is cold weather-specific should be marked down by this time. (If it’s not marked down yet, don’t buy it!) Smoking slippers above are from Target, $9 (regularly $30).

2) Sweaters. Most sweaters go on sale not long after Christmas, so by now they should have been marked down at least twice. Sweater above is from H&M, $15 (regularly $50).

3) Pajamas. Do you like to cozy up in fleece bottoms and a warm top? Now is the time to get warm sleepwear for a steal. Specifically, look at gift sets – not all gift sets are only holiday themed.

4) Winter coats. This is probably one of the more obvious deals to get this time of year. Most winter coats I’ve seen are around 40% off regular price, which can make a big difference, especially if you’re looking to invest in a nice down-filled puffy jacket or a full-length wool coat.

5) Winter accessories. This is probably the most obvious deal to get this time of year. And while certain items such as fingerless gloves and knotted headbands may be more in style one year than the next, staples like gloves, scarves, and hats will always be around because of how essential they are for warmth. For example, those leather gloves I mentioned in my post about winter fashion last month? Now would be a good time to buy them if you were thinking about it.


Of course, before hitting the winter sale racks you do want to make sure you have enough storage room to store your new finds once spring arrives. That’s not happening quite yet though – whether or not you like it, there’s still six more weeks of winter and ample time to try out new cold weather clothing.



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