Quality Counts

When purchasing clothing, do you check the quality of the garment? If you don’t, you should. Stores today are bursting with fast fashion (recent trends from the runway already in stores at a more reasonable pricepoint) and huge sales, but there’s also a downside: a lower price can often mean a lower standard of quality. Less experienced seamstresses, garment construction shortcuts, and cheaper, less durable materials are all common ways manufacturers cut costs. However, a lower price doesn’t always mean lower quality- here are some ways you can inspect the quality while you’re still in the store:


1. Hold the garment up to a light, or gently stretch it against your hand. Is it see-through? Think about whether or not you want to have to wear layers every time you wear this.

2. Look at the care instructions. Is it hand wash only? Assuming this is a lower-priced garment, it’s probably marked hand wash only because the garment can’t withstand a regular machine wash cycle, hot or cold. Think about if you’re willing to hand wash it each time it gets dirty.

3. Look at the material contents. Rayon and polyester are commonly used, cheaper materials that don’t typically hold up well after several washes. Think about whether this garment will maintain its original shape after you’ve had it for awhile.

Recently, I admit it, I purchased a top that was lower quality. It was missing topstitching along the front neckline along the bottom of the mesh. I wore it a few times and noticed that the raw seam underneath kept flipping up because there was no stitching to hold it down.



Topstitching is a simple step and there’s no good reason why the manufacturer didn’t have it on this top – other than to cut out a step and maybe a few cents. So, I finished it myself.



Now the top lies flat when I wear it! If you have clothing you already own that’s not quite right, don’t be afraid to attempt to fix it yourself. You’ll never know how much better it could look if you don’t try!

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