Your Style



What does your style say about you?

Every single person, whether they consider themselves “stylish” or not, has their own personal style. Some people are more aware of theirs than others, some styles are more distinct than others, but regardless, everyone has their own style. Once you really determine what your style is and what you’d like it to say about who you are, it will make future shopping trips as well as closet weed-out sessions go more smoothly. Why? Because you’ll know what your style is and what you like to wear. Here’s one way I would suggest to help you achieve your best personal sense of style:


1) Choose 5 attributes that are most important to you when purchasing clothing or picking out an outfit. For example, mine are: feminine, edgy, flattering, modest, and comfortable. Together, these 5 (or 4, or 6) comprise your personal style. Not every outfit you wear is going to reflect all five of these attributes – in fact, it’s likely that most of the time what you wear will only have a few of those attributes. That’s completely fine. However, if you choose your top five attributes and realize that the majority of your clothing doesn’t reflect any of them, then you might need to re-evaluate how you’re dressing.

2) Have fun with your style. Now that you’ve determined what your style is, put it to good use! This week, pick one way that you’re going to incorporate each specific attribute into how you dress. This shouldn’t be hard- in fact, it should be really easy because you didn’t reinvent your style, you just defined it.

3) Think about how you’d like to evolve your style in the future. It’s natural that, as each year passes, your style changes a little bit with how you change as a person as well as that year’s trends. What is something new that you’d like to add to how you dress?

4) Be lenient with yourself. Those five attributes are not rules, only loose guidelines designed to help you. For example, even though some of my attributes are “feminine” and “flattering,” I wear gym clothes most nights.. because I work out most nights.  Personally, I am completely fine with this because it still fits my “comfortable” and “modest” attributes and it shows that fitness is an important part of my life. Clothing is a reflection of who you are as a person – so enjoy defining your style and stay true to who you are.

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