2015 Golden Globes Best Dressed

ggvioladavis ggsalmahayekinalexandermacqueen ggfelicityjones

ggkerrywashington ggannakendrick gghelenmirren

ggkatherineheigl gggreergrammar ggreesewitherspoonincalvinklein

Above are some of my favorite gowns from the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year.  They feature diamond accents, jewel tones, classic silhouettes, structure, and flattering style lines.

Boldest: Emma Stone

She made pants, a surprising choice, look dressy and classy


Oddest: Keira Knightley

Understandably, being pregnant on the red carpet is not the easiest thing. But there must be better choices out there than this strange butterflies and ruffles combination.


Best Dressed: Diane Kruger

Her elegant gown featured structured texture while also flattering her figure. It also had a low back for added detail (not pictured)


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