Your Favorite Accessory



Isn’t it wonderful when style and practicality coincide? That’s definitely the case this winter when it comes to scarves. Scarves have been in style during the colder months for several years now, and this year is a continuation of the trend. Personally, I wear a scarf daily – it goes a long way in blocking the wind from your neck and can add a significant amount of warmth to your coat. This year for scarves, bigger is better. Whether it’s a wide traditional-style scarf looped several times around your neck, a chunky infinity scarf wrapped around twice, or (especially popular this season) a once-around infinity scarf that’s close to the neck and extra wide, if it’s chunky it’s in. Here are a couple ideas as to how you can successfully pull off the scarf trend:


1) Coordinate your scarf with your outfit. This creates a more polished look and, if you decide to leave your scarf on after your take off your coat, it matches the rest of your outfit.

2) Wear something homemade. Do you knit? Crochet? Or does one of your friends or family members? A homemade scarf is extra special and can become a good conversation starter.

3) Be festive! There’s nothing wrong with wearing scarves to match the season. If you have a Christmas-colored scarf, now is the time to wear it! Going to an NFL game? Sport your team’s colors.

4) Be practical. If the temperature is only supposed to reach 20 degrees that day, you should opt for a thick wool scarf instead of a thin cotton one. While you might be tempted to choose otherwise because of personal preference or outfit coordination, your scarf should be a reflection of what the weather is like outside.

5) Try new twists. Or knots. Or loops. If your scarf is long enough, don’t be afraid to try wearing it different ways. Pinterest is a good source for this. So are friends – I once was stuck in a rut, so to speak, when it came to wearing my scarves, until I saw how elegantly a friend was wearing her scarf and asked her to show me how to wear mine like that. Sometimes an extra loop or tuck-over can make a simple way of wearing a scarf look deceptively intricate.


Please note: this is the last blog post for 2014. Look for new and exciting topics to come in early 2015. Merry Christmas!