5 Tips for Guys

Here are five fashion suggestions for every guy out there. I’ve gathered these everywhere from people watching, reading fashion magazines, studying the history of men’s fashion, and forming my own personal opinions as a designer. You can take them or leave them – but please, do take them. ūüôā


1. Stop being sloppy. In several of my undergraduate classes, there were guys who would only wear athletic shorts or sweatpants (depending on the weather) to class. Every single time. Are jeans really that dressy? No, they’re not. All you need to do is make¬†a small effort to wear normal shorts or pants when you’re out and about, even if you pair them with a sweatshirt. Wear serious clothing, get taken seriously.

2. No more cargos. That’s right, it’s time to put away (or give away) your cargo pants and shorts, unless you’re under the age of 12. Cargo pockets have gone out of style for men and are really only for young boys now. If you find that the you miss the storage space too much, try utilizing your coat pockets more or weeding out unnecessary items from your wallet.

3. Layer. Wearing layered clothing is very much in style¬†for this fall and winter, and it’s a practical and easy trend to follow. Pair a collared shirt with a sweater and throw a blazer over it, or try a long-sleeved shirt under a quarter-zip sweater with an outdoor vest over it. Don’t go too crazy. (Example: mannequins at the mall who are wearing two polos. At the same time. Doesn’t work). Instead, use the clothing you already have to create new looks that both look sharp and help keep you warm.

4. Know when to not wear tennis shoes. One of the most common fashion mistakes I’ve seen men make is wearing a nice outfit with tennis shoes. It really ruins the entire outfit. As a rule, tennis shoes should only be worn with: a) athletic clothing or b) jeans and a t-shirt (or casual jacket, sweatshirt, etc.). Try wearing boat shoes or loafers with your nicer outfits. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing those, instead try a nicer pair of¬†neutral-colored sneakers (H&M has several options).

5. Tuck your shirt in. Unless you’re wearing a t-shirt, keep your shirts tucked in and wear a belt. This small step goes a long way in helping you’ve made an effort to look neat and tidy. Most men’s shirts are actually made to be tucked in. By doing this you will look professional and put-together, and all you had to do was tuck your shirt in.

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